Smoked Salmon Bitter Greens with Sriracha Dressing

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This is a great salad! The dressing and the citrus play very well against the bitter greens, along withe smoke fish. I highly recommend trying this one out.


*Smoked Salmon
Tangerine, segment
Fennel, sliced
Asparagus, steam and slice
Endive, slice
Ridicchio, slice
Escarole, chop
Romaine, chop
Chives, slice


In a food processor add the following
Jalapeño, chop
Garlic, chop
Ginger, dice
Soy sauce
Lime juice
Orange or Tangerine Juice
Grapeseed Oil

*Smoking is super easy, esp fish, and SO worth the minimal effort to make it happen. Go buy yourself a smoker box, some poultry style wood chips, or whatever you like. Soak for 30 min in white wine (optional) and water. Place on/in heat source in a grill. Once it smokes, add seasoned protein (fish) and cover. I’ll put a aluminum hotel pan or pie pan over the protein to intensify the smoke on the protein. Smoke until done.

I season the salmon with this great “23 Blend Salmon Seasoning” I get at Whole Foods Market.


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